Experience The Creative Economy Annual Conference

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Toronto - June 19-22, 2012  

Conference Presentation: Competing in the ‘Crowded’ Creative Economy: The Case of Independent Musicians and Fashion Designers (PDF)

Toronto - June 21-23, 2011  

Conference Presentation: D.I.Y. in Decline? The evolving role of managers as key intermediaries in the contemporary music industry (PDF)

Toronto - June 22-24, 2010

Conference Presentation: 'Just-in-Time’ Networking? The changing network ecology of musicians in Toronto (PDF)

Toronto - June 23-25, 2009 

Conference Presentation: Beyond Bohemia: Geographies of everyday creativity for musicians in Toronto (PDF)

Toronto - June 24-26, 2008 

Conference Presentation: Living Under the Lights: The growing importance of performativity and visual imagery for musicians in Toronto (PDF)