PhD Supervision


Areas of Supervision

General areas: economic geography, creative economy, urban geography, qualitative methods.

Specific topics: music, fashion, digital technologies, creativity and knowledge, creating distinction and value, consumption, intermediation/curation, entrepreneurship, labour, aesthetic labour, networking practices, locational choice.


Studentships for 2019-2020

*I am looking to recruit three new PhD students for the topics below, if interested please email me:

Topic 1: Understanding creative labour: Investigating the patterns and impacts of inequality in cultural and creative industries (See full details)

Topic 2: Exploring the value of a geographical and critical perspective on the sharing economy (See full details)

Topic 3: From Kreuzberg to Williamsburg: Exploring the trans-local nature of cultural scenes (See full details)


Current Students

Marion Payne Bird (PhD) Title: ‘The role of the property market and associated land based mechanisms in the development of digital technology clusters.’ (December 2014- Present) 

Peipei Chen (PhD) Title: ‘Culture-led Rural Regeneration in Zhejiang Province, China: Policy, Practice, and Impacts.’ (September 2016- Present)

Timo Koren (PhD) Title: 'All under one roof raving? Navigating nightlife in gentrifying Amsterdam' (January 2018- Present)

Charlotte Campbell (MA + PhD) Title: 'Exploring the roles of physical and virtual space in trans-local cultural scene uniformity' (September 2018- Present)


Jack Webster (PhD) Title: ‘Taste in the Digital Age: Music Streaming Services and the Performance of Class Distinction.’ (2019)

Taylor Brydges (PhD) Title: ‘Made in Canada: The strategies, spaces and working lives of independent fashion designers in the Canadian fashion system.' (2017)

Jimi Nilsson (PhD) Title: ‘Creativity On Tour: The Temporal Dynamics of Work and Social Networks for Musicians in Sweden.’ (2014)