Annual Meeting of the American ASSOCIATION OF Geographers

Boston - April 5-9, 2017

Conference Presentation: Going out of style? The cancellation of Toronto Fashion Week and the evolution of trans-local anchors in the digital age (with Taylor Brydges) (PDF)

Organized Session: Local Anchors in Trans-local Knowledge Communities (with Suntje Schmidt and Taylor Brydges) (PDF)

Chicago - April 21-25, 2015

Conference Presentation: Decoding the curated neighbourhood: Exploring the similarities of trans-local cultural scenes through in-flight magazines (with Taylor Brydges) (PDF)

Panel Participant: Co-Producing a heuristic conceptualization of curation

Panel Participant: Institutionalizing local buzz and global pipelines? The Potential of Innovation Hubs and Labs for Regional Development

Organized Session (4): From Kreuzberg to Williamsburg: Exploring the trans-local nature of cultural scenes and the creation and diffusion of knowledge, practices and value(s) across space, scale and industry (with Taylor Brydges and Chiara Valli) (PDF)

Organized Session (3): Co-Producing a heuristic conceptualization of curation (with Melanie Fasche, Harriet Hawkins and Priya Vadi) (PDF)

Los Angeles - April 9-13, 2013

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Conference Presentation: You Can’t Find This Online’: Curation and Consumption in Local Record Shops and Fashion Boutiques (PDF)

Conference Presentation: Performing Aesthetic Labor On Stage and Online: The Case of Independent Musicians in Toronto

Panel Participant: Researching the Creative Economy: Emerging Questions and Approaches

Organized Session (2): From Store Clerks to Google Searches: Curating and Filtering Information in the Cultural Economy (with Patrick Adler and Melanie Fasche) (PDF)

Organized Session (3): This Must Be the Place: The Evolving Economy Geography of Music (with Michael Seman) (PDF)

Organized Session: Researching the Creative Economy: Emerging Questions and Approaches (PDF)

New York - February 24-28, 2012

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Conference Presentation: Embracing Enterprise? The Professionalization and Competitive Strategies of 'Guitar Heroes' in Toronto (PDF)

Panel Participant: Parsing the Evolving Politics and Practice of D.I.Y

Organized Session (3): Working With Freedom: Learning about innovative risk mediation strategies from entrepreneurs in creative industries (with Melanie Fasche) (PDF)

Organized Session: Parsing the Evolving Politics and Practice of D.I.Y. (with Gordon Douglas) (PDF)

Seattle - April 12–16, 2011

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Conference Presentation: Revisiting Reflexivity: Exploring the common experience of employment risk among ‘low skill’ service and ‘high skill’ creative workers (PDF)

Organized Session: Working With Risk: Comparing the employment experiences of individuals who work in different sectors, industries, occupations and locations (PDF)

Washington - April 14–18, 2010

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Conference Presentation: Standing Out In The Crowd (PDF)

Panel Participant: Spaces of Vernacular Creativity Revisited: meet the authors and contributors

Organized Session (3): Standing Out In The Crowd: Competing in the dynamic marketplace for cultural products (with Atle Hauge and Doreen Jakob) (PDF)

Las Vegas - March 22–26, 2009


Conference Presentation: So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star?’ Harnessing ‘active demand’ to sell music-related products (PDF)

Organized Session (3): Creating and Capturing Demand in the Knowledge Economy: Marketing products and producing markets (with Josephine Rekers) (PDF)

Boston - April 15–19, 2008


Conference Presentation: See the Sound, Hear the Style: musicians as trans-local ambassadors of fashion (with Atle Hauge) (PDF)

Organized Session (4): Conducting Creativity: the role of cities as containers of cultural scenes (with Atle Hauge) (PDF)

San Francisco - April 17–21, 2007

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Conference Presentation: Working in the Creative Economy: the spatial dynamics of employment risk for musicians in Toronto (PDF)