(RGS-IBG) Royal Geographical Society & Institute of British Geographers

LONDON - AUGUST 27-30, 2019


Organised Session (3): ‘Creative Economies in Africa: New Research and Policy Perspectives’ (with Roberta Comunian)

Organised Session: ‘The Rough Guide to Trans-Local Anchors: Investigating Intersections with Policy, Communities and Urban Developments’ (with Taylor Brydges, Charlotte Campbell and Timo Koren)

Conference Presentation: ‘The Mobilities of Visual Artists in South Africa’ (with Taylor Brydges, Irma Booyens and Roberta Comunian)

Conference Presentation: ‘Creating and Maintaining Value through Trans-local Connections: The Case of Street Food Markets in London’ (with Paz Concha)


Organised Session (4): Trending Now: The changing geographies of fashion in the digital age (with Taylor Brydges and Mariangela Lavanga)

Organised Session (2): Creating and Communicating Knowledge, Practices and Values: Exploring the Dynamics of Local Anchors and Trans-Local Communities’ (with Taylor Brydges, Rhiannon Pugh and Suntje Schmidt)

Conference Presentation: Understanding creative labour: shifting focus from individuals to households (with Carol Ekinsmyth and Suzanne Reimer)

Conference Presentation: Circuits, Seasons and Spaces: How independent fashion designers strategically practice mobility within Canada’s fashion system (with Taylor Brydges)

Conference Presentation: Trans-local anchors in the digital age: Exploring the impact of digital technology on the fashion industry through a case study of Toronto Fashion Week (with Taylor Brydges)

London - August 30-September 2, 2016

Organized Session (2): Mapping the Marginal: Exploring the Identities, Practices, Geographies and Experiences of Digital Labour with Taylor Brydges,  Carol Ekinsmyth, Patricia Yocie Hierofani and Elyse Stanes

London - August 26-29, 2014

Conference Presentation: From Record Shops to Online Playlists: The Processes and Spaces of Music Curation in the Digital Age (with Johan Jansson) (PDF)

Conference Presentation: Working Harder and Working Smarter: The survival strategies of contemporary independent musicians (PDF)

Discussant: Working Together: The evolving practices, dynamics and ecologies of networking amongst entrepreneurial economic actors

Organized Session (4): Where Culture Meets Economy: Co-Producing Conceptual Understandings of Curation (with Harriet Hawkins & Priya Vadi) (PDF)

Organized Session (4): Working Together: The evolving practices, dynamics and ecologies of networking amongst entrepreneurial economic actors (with Taylor Brydges & Carol Ekinsmyth) (PDF)

Organized Session (2): Spaces and Scales of Music Production, Curation and Consumption in the Digital Age (with Johan Jansson & Tarek Virani) (PDF)



Edinburgh - July 3-5, 2012

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Conference Presentation: Let’s Team Up: Adding exclusivity and value by enrolling consumers in the process of designing, producing and promoting cultural products (PDF)

Conference Presentation: Spaces of Creative Work in the Digital Age: The Case of indie Musicians (PDF)

Organized Session: Product as Process, Position and Promise: Exploring the qualities, qualification and spatial dynamics of goods, services and experiences (with Jenny Sjöholm) (PDF)

London September 1-3, 2010

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Conference Presentation: What’s Going On? The changing network ecology of musicians in Toronto (PDF)