How to apply

To apply you will have to submit a word document to the Geography Employability Officer, Brian Hracs ( containing the following information:

- Name

- Student number

- Year of study

- A brief statement about why you are interested in the position, what you hope to get out of the opportunity and what relevant skills or previous experience you have to contribute to the role (this should be no more than 200 words).


Applications usually open on the first week of term and remain open for 1 week, during this week there will be opportunities to ask questions either with the employability ambassadors face-to-face or by social media. An email will be administered stating if you have been successful within 2 weeks of the closing date.


Becoming a Geography Employability Ambassador provides a range of opportunities to strengthen employability. At the end of the academic year there is an awards ceremony whereby each employability ambassador who has demonstrated excellence will be awarded with a certificate outlining the transferable sills gained and can be used for interviews.

The transferable skills gained from being a Geography Employability Ambassador, which are outlined on the certificate are:

Event planning: Organise and promote employability related events including guest speaker events and skill development workshops.

Communication skills: Exercise a variety of communication skills including literacy and interpersonal skills, effective listening, reflecting, questioning and presenting within oral, written and non-verbal contexts.

Networking skills: Engage with guest speakers from external organisations and collaborate with academic staff.

Team work skills: Collaborate with other employability ambassadors to achieve the desired goals.

Project management skills: Apply appropriate project management tools and techniques including the ability to set goals and plans, manage resources to deliver results and measures success with strong time management and organisational skills

Presentation skills: Present information regarding employability, including the promotion and content, clearly and effectively to peers.

Social media skills: Raise awareness of employability opportunities to fellow students using social media, including Facebook and Twitter.